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custom grip socks

$1.5-$7 each pair

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Custom grip socks are a type of socks that have small rubberized dots or patterns on the bottom that provide extra grip , grip socks also feature compression technology that helps improve blood flow,Silicone anti-slip soccer grip socks for professional football games sports equipment, can be customised personalised pattern consistent with the uniform, silicone anti-slip design, increase the anti-slip area, enhance the burst of speed, thickened towel bottom material is to greatly enhance the cushioning and buffer performance, porous design to keep the feet fresh and comfortable.

minmun: 1 pairs

turn time: 5-7 days

made of: cotton

made in: china

Price: $1.5-$7 Each Pair

easy to start your custom grip

We make ordering custom socks simple and fast – that’s why we’re the best custom sock company.
Our simple 3-step process helps you get the high quality custom socks you need without all the back and forth.

1.send us your idea

Send email to us directly at hi@custom-sock.com and we will handle the rest.

2.check your Design

Your custom sock will be designed as required,the order will be produced after  you comfirmed the sock design ,then you will get the photos or videos about the samples

3.get your custom socks

We will delivery your custom socks. if Everything is ok.it will be delivered by TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.

start you custom design

fully custom grip socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
looking forward your creative design appear in production lines

any size

bady,child,men,women,or oversized socks,all size can be customized.check our size chart or choose your own range.


normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality cotton and nylon.but we also provide polyester fiber,soft acrylic,etc.

sock height / length

for custom grip socks,the length is crew length.but we also accept other length, such as the same design with quater size etc.

brand & logo

highlight your brand,logo,text,creative ideas on a custom grip socks.it must be cool,meaningful and interesting.try it now!

your own label & packaging

customize your socks retail packaging,print your logo or text,on the a card,tag,bag and box. it’s the best gift for parents,lovers etc.

Rib Or Arch Support

the common grip socks may slip off, but do not worry it.we can add elastic yarn on the calf ,arch or both parts to avoid this problem.

sock styles

what style are you prefer? we have produced solid colors,stripes,fruits,food,animals,geometry,dots,graffiti patterns etc. as any thing you want.

order quantity

for custom grip socks,you can start on 1 pairs.it including all steps to customize.you can add any thing you want in those steps

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everyone can custom grip socks

7 days to get your customize grip socks with factory price & high quality socks

get custom grip socks now!

add something you like to the Athletic grip socks

Want to break the traditional design and give people a bright feeling? come and try our custom grip socks, only need a barnd,logo,text and url etc.our socks designer will show you a new visual experience.

We provide below personalization options:

  • Add logo,brand,text,or other paterns
  • Custom logo posation on the calf or sole of the foot
  • Existing custom grip socks redesigned
  • Add a personalization packagings,tag,cards etc.

We promised you that:

  • Sample order should be shipped within 3-5 days
  • Unsatisfactory design can be modified at any time
  • All the samples free shipping for you
  • Provide product design guidance

The lowest wholesale price for custom dresss socks also can be provided.and it’s free shipping to most countries. they are made by our factory.you can track any steps in the production lines. the video or photos will be update any time.

start your custom grip socks
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custom grip socks for Team,Athletes, Basketball, Clubs, Cycling, Mountaineering

Professional football players need to train every day, you need to buy professional football socks, non-slip, breathable, compression, perspiration, and other features are all points to consider. As an ordinary consumer, comfort, and price is the primary consideration of the goal, but also according to different outdoor sports can be fine-tuned, for example, cycling socks in the balance of non-slip and breathable at the same time, to be able to consider adding reflective elements, for night riding to provide protection.

For those who love to play football and love the outdoors, choosing the right non-slip socks for you is very important. So what are the primary considerations? Of course it is non-slip, no matter what outdoor sports you are doing, it is dangerous if you can’t stand firm and give full play to your body’s mobility performance. Next you can choose the right socks for the type of sport you are going to play, JL socks can customise any type of non-slip socks and customise them in a single pair, so get in touch to get the socks of your choice!

Everyone can easy and sample to Custom grip socks

We are socks factory in china,here you can get the fastest speed of the delivery time,the best sock design,all the kind of socks styles,and the best price for custom grip socks.

get the gift of the custom grip socks

advantage of the sock business

Cooperating with JL SOCK, we can provide you with the fastest delivery speed, the best socks design, the cheapest factory price, and the most comprehensive customization process.

You can completely achieve the zero-stock business model, small batch orders, we will complete them in just a few days, and quickly delivery it for you by DHL,UPS,FEDEX etc. no worries about the warehousing and logistics issues.

You just need to provide your brand,idea,logo and text etc.you will get the custom grip socks sample after 7 days.

Start your socks business with zero burden

Quickly start custom crew

socks, only need to start with 1 pairs of socks. Free shipping to most countries of the world.

start your custom socks business
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JL SOCK size chart

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